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Yassin Ally - Executive Director

Our Staff

Yassin Ally - Executive Director

Yassin Ally

Asia Muya - Program Officer - IPV

Asia Muya

Esther Aron - Assistant Program officer- Civic and voter education

Esther Aron

Dotto Makona - Assistant Program Officer- Legal Empowerment

Dotto Makona

Esther Million - Finance and Admin Manager

Esther Million

Eunice Mayengela - Program Officer-Legal Aid and Support Services

Eunice Mayengela

Glory Godwin - Assistant Program officer - local Activisim

Glory Godwin

Grace Mussa - Program Officer-Community Mobilization/Local Activism

Grace Mussa

Jamali Mussa - Driver

Jamali Mussa

John Malisa - Program Officer-Monitoring and Evaluation

John Malisa

Juliana Myeya - Program Manager

Juliana Myeya

Mathias Shimo - Program Officer-Monitoring and Evaluation

Mathias Shimo

Stephen Andrew - Assistant Program Officer

Stephen Andrew

Sylvia Bendankeha - Finance and Admin Manager

Sylvia Bendankeha

Sylvia Bendankeha has been associated with Kivulini since March 2013 and has served in the many local and international Organizations as   Accountant and Administrator, and Finance and Administration Manager.  As such, she is responsible for managing and overseeing all agency finances, accounting and record keeping. Ms. Sylvia Bendankeha holds an advanced diploma in accountancy and an MA Degree in Finance. In addition, she has been trained in a variety of accountancy packages including Quick-Books.

Zaituni Juma - Office Attendant

Zaituni Juma

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