A Women\'s Rights Organization - Mobilizing Communities to Prevent Domestic Violence

Yassin Ally - Executive Director


Kivulini’s seeks to empower women and girls to claim their universal human rights to dignity, equality, justice and safety through local activism, youth engagement, strengthening capacity and advocacy.

Kivulini is comprised of four core programs:

I. Community Mobilization

Our Community Mobilization Program aims to develop and strengthen understanding of the impact of domestic violence against women and girls, and to mobilize communities to act locally towards its prevention. Activities include youth mobilization, awareness raising, media campaigns and community dialogues.

II.Legal Aid and Support services

Legal Aid that aims at improving access to justice through working with security and judicial sectors by providing women and girls  GBV survivors with access to legal Aid services (information/education, advice/ADR, assistance and representation)

III. Capacity Building

Through our Capacity Building Program, we seek to strengthen the institutional capacities of civil society organizations to effectively implement domestic violence prevention programs, particularly in rural areas. We offer ongoing support and training in areas that include Tanzania’s legal system, women’s rights and human rights.

IV. Policy Advocacy

The Policy Advocacy Program advocates and lobbies for better laws, polices and structural reforms to prevent violence against women and girls through media campaigns, research on the impact of violence and networking in the Lake Victoria Region.

V. Monitoring and Evaluation

The Monitoring and Evaluation works in collaboration with all of Kivulini’s programs to evaluate organisational effectiveness and provides overall strategic leadership for managing information systems.

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