A Women\'s Rights Organization - Mobilizing Communities to Prevent Domestic Violence

Yassin Ally - Executive Director


Kivulini advocates and lobbies for better laws, polices and structural reforms to prevent violence against women and girls. We focus on building the capacity of local activists and leaders, and use a wide range of media to conduct campaigns in the Lake Victoria Region.advocacy

Kivulini prides itself on being closely connected to the communities we serve. Because of these close connections, we play a vital bridging role between the communities and national policy forums. Through exchanging and sharing information, Kivulini brings the voices, issues and priorities from local communities into public debate, and helps to ground public policy in practice by bringing it into the lives of women and men in communities throughout the Lake Victoria Region and Tanzania.

From 2003 to 2007, Kivulini established a broad presence through our active participation in national and regional networks like Policy Forum, Tanzania Education Network, FemAct, and SAHRINGON.

Kivulini also holds a steering position in The Mwanza Policy Initiative Forum. Our main role has been to advocate for the serious consideration of the issue of domestic violence. In addition, Kivulini is the national Focal NGO for the Gender Based Violence Prevention Network – a network of over 150 organizations in the Horn, East and Southern Africa that shares experiences and approaches on preventing violence against women.

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