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Yassin Ally - Executive Director

Child Domestic Workers Project

The Child Domestic Workers Project was adopted in response to the growing number of child domestic workers (CDWs) seeking help from Kivulini’s legal aid clinic.  child_domestic_workers_projectChildren and young people reported being denied wages, being physically or sexually harassed, and deprived of their property.

In partnership with Anti-Slavery International, Kivulini is committed to inspiring and supporting community leaders to prevent domestic violence in areas of employment where young people, especially girls, are survivors.

The goal of the Child Domestic Workers Project is to end human rights violations of domestic workers under the age of 18 years and to promote the rights of domestic workers in general.

Project Objectives

  • Support direct assistance to CDWs through small grants to improve living conditions
  • Develop tools and gather data on health impacts, especially the psychosocial health of CDWs to inform local interventions, and the evaluation of the effectiveness of existing interventions
  • Pursue advocacy work on the protection of CDWs and promotion of CDW rights to achieve legislative reform
  • Achieve all objectives in partnership with CDWs emphasizing CDW empowerment and  self-development.

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