A Women\'s Rights Organization - Mobilizing Communities to Prevent Domestic Violence

Yassin Ally - Executive Director

Community Mobilization

Kivulini’s Community Mobilization Program seeks to raise awareness about the damaging effects of violence against women and girls and to mobilize communities community-mobilizationto change longstanding attitudes and behaviors through media campaigns, legal literacy education and participatory events such as dialogues, demonstrations and video sessions. Our Community Mobilization work is grounded in the manual Mobilizing Communities to Prevent Domestic Violence, A Resource Guide which is now called the SASA approach. This program was developed by Raising Voices, based in Kampala, Uganda.

Kivulini recognizes that change is a process, and so, to be effective in mobilizing communities, we must be aware of the phases of change and then strive to systematically facilitate change.

Our efforts to prevent domestic violence are planned along five phases of change, beginning with recognition of where community members are in their current thinking and moves along with them to change attitudes and behaviors that are harmful to women.

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