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Yassin Ally - Executive Director

Capacity Building

Kivulini’s Capacity Building Program engages a wide variety of community actors on women’s and human rights, domestic violence and the legal system.capacity_building These actors include health care workers, law enforcement officials, local government staff, ward tribunal members, community leaders, teachers, community groups and civil society organisations.

Kivulini’s experience has shown that the highest rates of domestic violence occur in remote areas of Tanzania where we are unable to serve as effectively being based in Mwanza. However, we can be effective in helping to combat violence in rural areas by strengthening the capacities of civil society organisations operating there.

Since 2008, Kivulini has partnered with civil society organisations (CSOs) in rural areas to combat violence against women. We conduct needs assessments and support CSOs in designing and implementing programs that promote women’s rights. We also provide training in a variety of areas including the impact of violence, legal and social counseling, and various Tanzanian laws related to marriage, inheritance and land.

More information about the CSOs we are currently working can be found in the chart below.

Nyamagana District – Prevention of maternal and child mortality through health and nutrition education and community dialogues.
Nguvu Kazi
Nyamagana District – Social and legal counseling, awareness raising, community dialogues, training community leaders about commonly violated laws related to marriage, inheritance and land.
Haki Sawa
Ukerewe District – Savings and credit schemes, income-generating activities, advocacy, prevention of HIV, mobilizing communities to preserve the environment, social and legal counseling
New Light Children Center
Geita District – Improve essential services and provide comprehensive care to orphans and vulnerable children. Facilitate children’s rights, advocate for girl’s rights, monitor child labor practices, HIV/AIDS and female genital mutilation prevention.
ABC Foundation
Musoma District – Community training and awareness raising about domestic violence, training on laws and human rights, social and legal counseling, conducting workshops for community leaders and youth.
Nguvu Kazi Kyanyari
Musoma Rural District – Support vulnerable children, prevention of female genital mutilation, prevention of early marriage and pregnancies, and prevention of HIV/AIDS.
Yebhe Chikomesye
Musoma Rural District – Mobilise women to raise standards of living through small businesses, farming and entrepreneurship. Operate centre for technical training of members, board members and community leaders on laws and domestic violence.
Modern Education and Culture Group
Shinyanga District – Training of staff and community leaders on domestic violence and laws that are commonly violated.
Agape AIDS Control Program
Shinyanga District – Prevention of HIV and STDs, social and legal counseling of people living with HIV/AIDS, training of community leaders, health care providers and law enforcers to alleviate domestic violence and HIV.
Bandari Ya Matumaini
Singida Rural District – Social and legal counseling, domestic violence awareness raising, poverty alleviation through small-scale business and HIV/AIDS prevention through dialogues, seminars, video sessions, media and posters.
Women Saving and Credit Association
Muleba District – Domestic violence and human rights training, community education through dialogues, rallies, seminars, video sessions, and media. Advocacy, social and legal counseling to families affected by domestic violence, research on causes of violence.

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