A Women\'s Rights Organization - Mobilizing Communities to Prevent Domestic Violence

Yassin Ally - Executive Director


Kivulini Hailed as one of the best practices by Government Stakeholders


Kivulini 2013 Annual Report: highlighting key events and successes of the 2013 year.

Kivulini _2012 Annual Report-Final

Kivulini 2012 Final Annual Report: This report highlights Kivulini’s challenges and successes throughout the 2012 year.

Kivulini 2011-2015

Kivulini’s Five Year Strategic Plan outlines the several key components of strengthening community awareness, and how the organization will prevent violence against women in the years 2011-2015.

Kivulini Document On Domestic VIolence 2009-1_1

Domestic Violence Against Women in the Lake Zone, Tanzania: Prevalence and Responses of Local Government Authorities

Executive Summary

Kivulini’s summary of key findings on domestic violence in Tanzania

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