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Yassin Ally - Executive Director


How does Kivulini empower women economically to address domestic violence?
Kivulini’s main focus is on primary prevention, that is changing the attitudes and assumptions that undergird the violence against women. Kivulini has helped to empower women’s groups with economic knowledge and skills in order to start and sustain their own businesses and thus reduce their dependency and related forms of violence against them. In year 2007-2009, we trained 300 women from 10 women’s groups based in Mwanza. Today, these women’s groups such as Tukwamuane and ChemChemi operate independently and are continuing to pass on the skills and knowledge we first helped them develop.
Where does Kivulini get its funding?
Kivulini donors come primarily from Europe, Canada, East Africa and the United States. Please see the International Partners page for a full list of our donors. In addition to grants from donors, Kivulini is supported by local, national and international partners and friends.
How can I make a donation? How can I support your work?
Kivulini is a registered non-profit organisation in Tanzania (Certificate of Incorporation No. 55644). To make a donation click DONATE
Can I arrange a visit to your office?
Visitors are welcome to Kivulini. However, given the varied schedules of our staff, we strongly recommend that you make arrangements with us in advance
Can we conduct research at or with Kivulini?
Kivulini welcomes those interested in partnering with us through research projects or studies. In the past, we’ve worked with graduate students and professionals in range of fields including health, role of local government, youth trafficking, and conducting evaluations. Kivulini examines requests on a case by case basis. For more information, please contact us at admin@kivulini.org
Can I volunteer? Do you have any internships available?
Kivulini welcomes inquiries from all those interested in volunteering or interning with us. We have had many short and long term volunteers, from Tanzania as well as abroad, and interns working with us in a variety of areas: capacity building, monitoring and evaluation, communications, documentation, research, and legal/human rights issues. Positions and opportunities open up throughout the year, so please contact us at admin@kivulini.org if you would like to learn more.
What is Kivulini’s basic profile?
Kivulini is a registered non-government organisation founded in 1999 and based in Mwanza, Tanzania. Kivulini is mobilising entire communities to prevent violence against women and girls. Kivulini exists to empower women and girls to claim their universal human rights to dignity, equality, justice and safety through local activism, youth engagement, strengthening capacity and advocacy. We currently have 22 staff including 20 local staff and 2 international volunteers. We are governed by a board with seven members who meet twice a year to review Kivulini’s policies, strategies, budgets and work plans. Kivulini’s annual budget is approximately US$ 800,000. For more on our organisational structure, please visit the About Us section.
What kinds of campaigns and activities is Kivulini currently working on?
We are currently focusing on a number of challenging issues through our Advocacy, Capacity Building and Community Mobilisation programs:

Rural Outreach – Community Mobilisation
We are conducting at least 15 Legal Video Sessions a month in the rural areas of the Lake Victoria Region where awareness of women’s rights and domestic violence issues is very limited.
Community Dialogues – Community Mobilization
During large public events such as International Women’s Day, we facilitate Community Dialogues with citizens in villages and urban areas to promote critical reflection about long-held attitudes and behaviors that perpetuate domestic violence. Community leaders, religious leaders, key decision makers are invited to present a topic and discussion follows.

Tunaweza (We Can!) Campaign – Advocacy
Recruiting Change Makers for the Tunaweza (We Can!) Campaign
The Tunaweza coalition in Tanzania currently consists of over 60 civil society organisations, activists, local government leaders and individuals. The campaign seeks to change social norms and attitudes which have set the boundaries of acceptability of VAW.
For more information about Tunaweza: http://www.wecanendvaw.org/global-we-can

Maternal Health – Advocacy, Community Mobilisation
Collaborating with partners such as The Women Dignity Project and Chemchemi, we are raising awareness about the connection between violence and maternal mortality, and advocating for improved maternal health

Local Government and Domestic Violence – Advocacy
Advocating for a larger local government role in the prevention of domestic violence
Youth Network – Capacity Building, Community Mobilisation

We are building a movement of young people who advocate for their own rights and the rights of women and girls

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