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Yassin Ally - Executive Director

Our Local Partners

Kivulini believes that it can only reach so many people on its own. That is why we are dedicated to identifying and working with a variety of partners at local, national and regional levels.

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Local activists are agents of change in communities and play a critical role in preventing domestic violence within their contexts. Individual partners track incidents of violence and provide appropriate referrals to victims of domestic violence.

Community Volunteers

Community volunteers enhance community ownership of programs by raising awareness in the communities where they live.  They lead community domestic violence awareness raising activities in collaboration and increase the number of people reached through our programs. They are a valued source of information, intervene and counsel community members experiencing domestic violence.

Street Leaders

Street Leaders are usually the first leaders to be contacted by men and women facing difficulties in their community, including women experiencing domestic violence. One of their primary roles is to create and maintain peace in their streets. Kivulini engages Street Leaders through workshops and outreach events as they are a key force in fighting domestic violence and ensuring that justice prevails.

Religious Leaders

Religious leaders who are sensitised to problems of violence can play a strategic role in guiding their communities to choose to be non-violent.

Ward Executive Officers and Ward Tribunals

The Ward Executive Officer is the secretary of the Ward Tribunal which is a local court in which matters referred from from street or villages are solved. Ward tribunals are intended to facilitate reconciliation between disputing parties, and hears cases of abuse referred to them by Street Leaders.

Since December 2007, Kivulini has been training members of the Ward Tribunal in Laws of Marriage, Land Law, Inheritance and Wills, Human Rights, domestic violence, sexual offenses and skills on the provision of Legal Aid and Social counseling. Kivulini continues to equip the members of the Tribunal with skills which will help them in solving different disputes.

Local Government

The districts and regional officials are the decision makers at the local government influencing policy process. The District Director can provide overall support to implementation of our programs. The District, Ward and villages can also establish and support structures necessary for the co-ordination and sustainability of our activities including the enactment of by-laws on domestic violence.

Department of Information Services

The Department of Information Services provides media coverage of the activities and programs for publicity and awareness raising purposes through radio, television and newspapers.

Various Ministries

The Ministries of Community Development Women Affairs and Children, Health and Social Welfare, Education and Vocational Training, Public Safety Justice, and Home are the key for advancing policies that protect and empower women.

Local NGOs and Community Based Organizations (CBOs)

Local networks magnify our efforts. Together, we can advocate for better policies for women.

Development Partners and Donors

Our development partners and donors provide the necessary resources to help Kivulini realise its mission and vision. Partners and donors also provide valuable technical support and capacity building of staff and other stakeholders involved in our programs.

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